Monday, January 17, 2011

my news...

My Dearest 1st Grade Class,

My year this year with you started with a bang the minute the doors opened on the first day of school. Your kids are awesome and I've enjoyed the last semester being their teacher! We've spent these last few months working hard to establish our classroom norms to help make working and learning together easier for everyone. The children have worked hard learning how our reading groups operate, play math games fairly, work independently, ask questions when they need help and to be good problem solvers. In just a short time, I've seen everyone's reading and writing skills progress to the next level and a real sense of community established. With that said, I am confident in saying everyone has had a great start to their year, too!

It's with a heavy heart that I inform you that my last few weeks have not been the healthiest for me. I apologize for not being at school but I hope you know by now that I would be there if I any way could. I just finished radiation treatment and will be starting yet another very aggressive chemo treatment at MD Anderson at the end of the month and expect it to continue on through to June. Mrs. Joonmi Hwang has done a great job internalizing my routine the last few weeks and will continue to do the best she can. She has gotten to know the kids and most of all, loves being in our class! She has agreed to be my long-time substitute and will have no problems stepping in at a moment's notice.

I regret not having better news. I want to remain positive and give myself the healthiest chance I can. Please keep in touch. The children make me the happiest!

Mrs. Phillips